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My name is Antonio Vetrano. The concept for my restaurant is to follow my traditional Italian, family values, along with my experiences that I’ve had in Italy and England, to deliver quality, Italian cuisine, within a relaxed, friendly environment.

The vision of my kitchen is to keep the Italian cuisine as authentic as possible, but in my own style.

For me, the kitchen is my passion, my dedication and I always ensure my food contains simple, fresh ingredients, that are tasty, and as authentic, as possible.

Over the years, I have been fortunate to work in a variety of Italian restaurants in the local area, and this has enabled me to enter food awards such as, the Food Porn and Italian awards. These experiences have enabled me to refine my dishes.

I have lived in Padiham over 14 years, and I never thought the restaurant that I dreamed of, would only be five minutes away, from my home.

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